Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Sassy Girlfriend - Toh Pei En

I bet a lot of my peeps out there had watched this Korean Show titled ' My Sassy Girlfriend '. if you didnt manage to watch this movie, let me just give you a short rundown of it's plot. it depicts of how a boyfriend always got bullied and frightened by his girlfriend in the most domineering manner. the way the boyfriend was bullied was kinda hyperbolized excesssively but i still enjoyed it nonetheless.

today i would like to talked about my own sassy girlfriend. her name is Pei En and i addressed her as Erny in short. no, she is not the 'dearie' i had mentioned previously in my blog entries but rather the other girlfriend that i had. yes, i hve 2 girlfriends. sic. (laughing hysterically!) alrite my friends, i'm not trying to break the law here by practising bigamy in the near future nor am i the crook casanova fooling around with the hearts of 2 ladies. just read on and find out.

Erny is the younger sister of my dearie and i had know her for as long as i have known my dearie. we shared a lot of common traits thus we kinda clicked pretty well with each other. we love vocalizing our favourite songs at KTVs, we love to read (though the stuff i prefer to read are pretty much junkie) and we love to watch movies!! that is the reason why she is usually the one to accompany me to watch the movies that i like.

Erny, like any other adolescence teenager out there, idolises pin-up actors and singers. when she was younger, she loved her Jolin Tsai. she would sing her songs and buy her CDs and DVDs. things are almost the same now. the only difference is that now she may swoon over if she sees her Wang Lee Hom and Lin Feng in person. she may go absolutely bonkers if any of these 2 guys marry her i presume. she also loves her Harry Porters and she has the whole DVD collection to date. not to mention her favourite Twilight series and of course she read the books as well which kinda explains her intellectual capacity and why she can do well in her recent 'A' levels. when she takes her public transport, she also likes to blast her Taylor Swifts in her 'little green apple' with ample savage too. when she is free, you will see her surfing her youtube, facebook and msn-ing her friends.

My endearing Erny has a lot of natural endowments as well other than excelling in academic results as she has an innate musical talent waiting to be flourish and trived too! she can play a hosts of musical instruments namely the violin, organ and 'Gu Zhen' and she has a predilection for playing Beethoven at home often but i must admit sometimes it can get a bit irritating especially when she goes a bit 'off-tune' literally. but when it comes to her 'Gu Zhen' (which happens to be her forte), anyone will be in awe at the kind of music she can call forth in an instance!

so why do i call Erny my sassy girlfriend? well, it is because i always got 'bullied' by her. haha! she is the only woman (other than my other dearie) whom i can never say no to. its not like she always make incongruous and obnoxious requests but rather it's me who always can't seem to find myself denying her postulations. YES, i have a soft spot for Erny since she was young . guess this is gonna stick with me for life. in retrospect, i can't help but still treat her as the small little girl i got to know for the very first time 8 years ago and it makes me feel so old at times. but of course, for as long as i live, this 'pseudo' girlfriend of mine will always have a place in my heart coz i will always give in to her and love her to bits.

My Erny playing a rendition of the Jay Chou Song


ERNY said...

Haha! Thanks thanks! =D Anyway, you shouldn't include Violin in! I'm rubbish at that, and it's Guzheng not "Gu Zhen"! And I'm not that siao siao to expect LeeHom or Ah Fung to marry me -.-! I'm sane ok! Jolin's more and more "hiao" alrd, that's why I dun like her much now! Her old songs are much better!

ERNY said...

Oh, and please return me my photo =D

The heretic malcontent said...

Yeah i knew u will jump to ur own defence at some of the things i said. Haha! Sry lo, its gu zheng!

Anyway i have the photo wif me now. Wil pass it bk to u tonight. :)