Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Dearie 2010!!

Yes, i had not been the most consistent blogger today. Hell, i even almost forgot what was the address of my blog! keke!

Alrite, i had been carrying things a little too far here. i do still remember my blog's address. it is scripted at the back of my head! But i had been too lazy to update because of a few reasons. One, i am undergoing my remedial training at the moment. No, there are no tutors coming to my crib, piling me with assignments to work on while his or her poor soul wanders back home. As you can see, loading that few kgs had made me a slower and heftier person, thus it is no surprise that i had been requested to 'participate' in a 1-2 months 'Fitness Course' wholy subsidized by the gov.

Two, i am addicted to the tv and my favourite PP player for the best online streaming movies! after a hard day at work, nothing beats the luxury of sipping a cup of hot tea and enjoying a movie for the night! as the saying goes, ' a movie a day, keeps the doctor away'. Ok, that is how i see it anyway...

Ok, lets cut the crap now. today's focus is on my dear dear! Yes! it was her birthday on the 5th of Sept and we made plans to visit Resorts World Sentosa. Over here, i would like to wish my darling the best in whatever she does and may lady luck smile on her always! lets take some time out rite now to appreciate the pictures we took on her birthday!

Erny had been a kind soul to accompany us on that day. This picture is our tribute to her.

Somethin's burning? Nah, just a sprinkle of water to cool the hot air around us.

Yes, we hereby announce our arrival at Universal Studios

Enjoying the chill before the blaze ahead!

Yes, i am a Man Utd fan!

A picture perfect shot ruined by Mr Dunno-how-to-go-away schmo.

Yes, i know i look fat beside her. Next please!

Enry's mission that day was to be our photographer. Seems like it is the other way round.

We just wan the 'Casino' shot behind us. keke!

I suggested this snap. Wasn't it beautiful?!

This picture is for the Merlion at the back. haha!

And who says the Merlion is always spewing puke out of it's mouth?

En is too rundown to give another smile for the camera.

Last shot before we head for a timeout.

Our meal at Chili's. We ordered root beer...

See how she flows...

..Country Fried Chicken...

And a sandwich which i lost it's name....

The sisters wanted this picture to be taken. I couldn't say no.

They loved their corns!

Our last stop of the day was at Takashimaya. Dearie had a Organic Rasberry Tea while i had the all-time fav Earl Grey with Lavender. Sweet!

As for her, she had plain water.
Ok, before i turn in for the night, i would like to thank Erny for her outstanding campanionship today. In the meanwhile, i hope dearie had a wonderful birthday celebration and i'm sure there will be many more to come in the years ahead!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Cost Of Living In 2050

It is the year 2050. i closed the door of my home and made sure the doors are locked securely. my iphone version 20s rang and the ringtone sang my favourite Sinatra's number, 'Fly Me To The Moon'. i frantically searched for my spectacles and put it on. following which, i hit on the 'Accept' button on the 5 inch Super HD (High Definition) screen.

'What took you so long to pick up my phone?!', an old lady screamed at the top of her voice, firing her first salvo at me. this 'lao chio' almost busted her lungs after the shriek. despite being 69 years old, she still looks good on the handphone screen i must say.

'sorry la dear, i was in excretory service just now la. you done with your shopping with your sisters? i'm coming rite up now. see you at Tampines Mall in 50 minutes ok?' i said, trying my best to pacify her.

'you better be! i'm hungry and i need my dinner soon! bye.' she hissed and the screen went blank.

Well, thats my wife for you. i strolled towards the lift and pressed the B1 button. after i reached, i walked towards my Audi A6 parked neatly just 10 steps in front of the elevator. the door unlocked and beeped after i placed my right thumb on the door knob. i sat in and repeated the same action on the metallic corkpit. the engine roars to life and i set the temperaure to 25 degree celsius. the car is a gem with state of the art technology. well, it did cost me a whopping $498,000 5 years ago you know. the COE alone is already $250,000. i'm glad i paid in full and i didnt adhere to what the sales executive purported. he offered me a full loan for 20 years financed with Damn Bloody S**tty Bank at 9.99% interest per annum. if i put to pen his offer, he can throw in a sporty body kit, 18 inch rims, 10 years free road tax at $15000 per year, playstation (automobile version 15) plus audio n dvd player in my car. well, why would an old man need all these? i declined his offer as politely as possible and declared that i would like to pay i full. the young chap then stomped away after leaving me the documents to sign for the new car. too bad i couldnt contribute more to his remuneration as i am not taking up the loan. but who can blamed him as i know he is just working for a living.

i thread on the accelerator and moved off effortlessly. Couldnt waste anymore time as there will definitely be a very heavy traffic jam on the expressway en-route to Tampines. i waved the security guard goodbye as i drove passed the guardhouse of my apartment. gotta be quicker, i thought, or else i'm gonna get another harsh objurgation. even though i stayed in Marine Parade and the distance to Tampines is pretty short, i knew i couldnt take any chances. i quicken my pace to 100km/hr. suddenly, a quick flash shone though! damn! i had been caught by the speed camera. there are about 1000+ speed cameras in Sillypore to date. the speed limit just outside my apartment is 60km/hr. there goes my $6000(plus 50% GST) and 12 demerit points...

As i expected, i'm reluctantly caught in the jam at ECP. what a way to spend my time on a weekend. i really wondered why the jam is so bad even though the Transport authorities had placed 10 ERP gantries here, each costing $20 to bypass on a weekend and $60 on a weekday. Sillyporeans are really getting richer i must say. it was reported in the papers a few days ago that 50% of the entire 15 million population in Sillypore are millionaires! but sad to say, 47% of that 50% are Sillyporean PRs that hails from countries like Indonesia, China, Philipines, India, Vietnam etc. our public housings are switching hands by the millions, thus making young couples taking up 150 years loan to pay for them and a bowl of my favourite mee pok dry at the nearby hawker centre can cost me $16.90, considerably lesser than having it at the foodcourt which could cost me at least $25. even my favourite Johnnie Walkers now cost me $500 per bottle (250ml). cost of living is so expensive now that the lesser of the citizens had been seeking alternatives in Malaysia or Pulau Ubin. our population is also greying at the fastest rate known in the history of this country despite campaigns raised that encourages people to give births, baby bonuses of $10000 in excess and the abolition of abortion. these drastic measures taken by the authorities just doesnt seem to work with us, who strictly follows the doctrine of otherwise.

my car inches forward slowly but surely. this is certainly very stressing on my old and whobbly legs. i switched on the auto pilot mode as i always used this function whenever i 'm caught in a jam. this journey to Tampines is gonna cost me great via the ERP and the GPS system implemented a few years ago. the GPS system tracks the position of our cars, calculates the distance we travelled and charges us for them. the authorities will then send the bill to our home at the end of every month. what an impressive piece of technology!

the jam today is worse than what i experienced yesterday. it is hard to avoid traffic jams in land scarced Sillypore nowadays. must be a car accident ahead that is causing it. i pity the drivers who might be involved in them. insurance premiums are sky-high these days and accidents are just gonna made them worse. i'm glad i still sitting on a fat deposit in my bank account. if not, i think i'm might need to move my whole family to Batam.

my phone rang again. i activated my bluetooth handsfree device and the 8 inch screen on the cockpit blinked. it is my wife.

'hey dear, dun parked your car at the shopping centre later ok? they charged $30 per entry after 5pm. just picked me up at taxi stand huh. and you got to give my sister a lift back home later too. the MRTs are sandwiched with people and there are no seats for the elderly too. dun want her to stand throughout the whole journey.' well, MRTs these days doesnt have any seat at all as they believe that they can squeezed more people in. countless people had been ranting on the papers about crowded trains everyday but the CEO of these trains insists that there are enough room for everybody.

'okok. got it. i will be there soon. caught in a jam as usual. see you soon!' i said.

i switched off the monitor and sit back. lets hope this jam will ease quickly. i am very hungry and my craving for mee pok dry just sinks in. hopefully the auntie can give me more fishballs this time.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthday Celebration at BBOX Toa Payoh Safra on the 18th June

I know this entry should have come earlier but i had been perfecting the art of cunctation. it had been a wondrful birthday week for me. Batam trip with my dearie, dinner and drinks with my ex-colleagues etc etc.

but the above event definitely wouldn't pale in comparison to the above mentioned. what can i say? a wonderful bunch of colleagues, coupled with a few drinks, a taste tantalising mango fudge cake and enough joy and laughter to send any crowd wild. I had a wonderful time at BBOX on the 18th June. Organised and engineered by my very own WMZJ (wo men zhi jian)! a great event worth remembering! hell, it is memory etching to say the least. but of course, things could be a little better. a touch of whisky to our drinks, better sound system, more free snacks and colder air-conditioning. i totally enjoyed myself that day and i have these people to thank for!

William - bro, thanks for making your way down despite being ill! your presence means a lot to me coz you are of paramount importance to me and the team. thanks! btw, ifyour back still hurts, i can recommend a very good sinseh to you!

Elfie - what can i say?! your choreography of this event speaks volume of your competency! xie xie ni WMZJ!

Ian & Melvyn - i believe you guys should stay off the iphones a bit. the public is already declaring all iphone users unsociable. haha! thank you! lets have more BEER the next time!

Stella - you should sing more la gal. you have a nice voice!

Charles - bro, never give face! leave so early! i know you have many other parties to go to but buay steady lei you!

Vera - rara, when are we having a song together??!! we can do Lady Gaga's Bad Romance! 'ra ra, ra ah ah ah!'

Serene - lets have the song 男人女人 again! i will be the 女人, you be the 男人. haha!

Jeslyn - you very jialat! everytime say want to sing 'Nobody' but in the end, you will end up mute. next time you better stand up, sing and shake your booty!

Kevin - it would be great if you can stay all the way. the little gal you brought (sorry forgot her name) was super mischievious! haha! but fun-loving nonetheless.

before i end these entry, let's have a look at some of the photos we took that day with my godforbidden icky digital camera.

kevin having a hard time controlling his 'daughter'
Melvyn had perfected the art of singing with his eyes closed

Duet from arguably the most popular couple in Chartis Agency department

William just had about enuf with his singing partner

My 2 beautiful team mates

Beautful and pretty things come in 2 pairs.

i must have my snap shot with my WMZJ

My birthday cake! woohoo!

Peace to the world! Victory to living life to the fullest!

i bleeched my teeth with my whitening paint everyday. thing to showcase them!

picture taken when i went to ask someone to help me take our photo. OEI! buay steady!

candid shot which they are unaware of.

From Left : William, Elfie, Serene, Me, Stella, Vera, Ian, Jeslyn, Melvyn

how i can miss the opportunity to sing with my WMZJ!

i don't know what she is doing here. enlighten me someone.

singing our favourite 一眼瞬间

Smile for the camera!

Omg, i think i really need a tan!

there is a reason why Melvyn is leaning towards me.

how i can miss out on a pic with Rara

Stella, why you never bring your 连杰 that night! angry lei!

for once, i'm not seeing Serene here with her big headphones and backpack

if i miss Jeslyn out, i may not see any daylight the following day.

they looked stiff.. lolz!

Fie Fie and me!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Think I Have A New BFF

A few days ago during lunch time, i was having a conversation with Elfie when she mentioned that she is going out with her BFF for some shopping after work.

'huh? wat is a BFF? boyfriend feeling?' i said.

Elfie replied, with a tinge of amazement in her tone, ' No lah, BFF stands for Best Friends Forever, don't you know that?'
Alamak, i remembered i heard this BFF thingy a couple of times before but i havent really got someone to do an explication of the initials in this word... until the day Elfie explained to me. wow, i had learnt another new word to add to my petty collection of 'short terms for SMSes' which consists 'LOL' and 'OMG'.

As i munched away on the remaining 'mui fan' i ordered that day, my mind went into a cerebration as well. how many BFFs do i truly have? Hmmm... i can only recall 2. but before i finished my lunch, i remembered a third and her name is Ann Ang.

i promised Ann previously that i would indite a blog entry for her but procrastination took a hard hit on me. it left me with a mild concussion but luckily my skull is as thick as my a**. i managed to convalesce from the shock today and i can finally get my act together.

like what i wrote in the previous entry for my pet kong, Ann wasn't the first person to accept me ino their social circle. she hits me as cold, nonchalant and she spoke wih blithe concern, truly indifferent to my existance in the office as the new kid in town. ok, maybe i have overdraw and overstate but that's how she made me feel.

as we had more and more conversations during and after work, we found that we do have a few things that we do share in common. our lunch breaks transist to our ktv sessions with the rest of the gang together and we had dinners to share insights and views together, just like the last 2 consecutive dinners we had at Subway. Ann had been an interesting friend as i know her more along the way.

i'm sure she will remember the night we wandered along the streets of Orchard road looking for a bistro or cafe to house us for a chit chat. the reminiscence of her waiting with me for my bus in the wee hours to pick me up first before she goes home also moved me. i bet HMM and Pet Kong wouldnt do this. she will also call me the moment she touched down in Singapore, even before HMM (tats what HMM told me. haha!).

Ann had also been funishing support of my ideas. she wouldn't question the places i would suggest for dinner and she would free up time for them as well. not to mention the ideas for my birthday celebration. there seems to be quite a lot of things we do agree in tandem on. not like my pet kong who always like to be on loggerheads with me and ever since she has a bf, she seems like she had vanished into thin air. haiz... i think i have to check with the zookeeper on that.

i don't have a lot of friends of the opposite sex, most of them being colleagues but Ann was an anomaly. she manages to give me advices of utilitarian to reflect and regroup on issues that needs to be looked into. that is the reason why i must say that i am a lot more comfortable to share most of my feelings and problems with her. it is a pity that she is not my colleague anymore as she had moved on to a bigger role, with more responsibilites and definitely better prospects. but i must say that i am glad that i had found a new soulmate. a friend whom i know i can turn to for help in future and who will always be there to provide me a listening ear.

i am vey sure she agrees with all the things i had said here coz she is my BFF.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Sassy Girlfriend - Toh Pei En

I bet a lot of my peeps out there had watched this Korean Show titled ' My Sassy Girlfriend '. if you didnt manage to watch this movie, let me just give you a short rundown of it's plot. it depicts of how a boyfriend always got bullied and frightened by his girlfriend in the most domineering manner. the way the boyfriend was bullied was kinda hyperbolized excesssively but i still enjoyed it nonetheless.

today i would like to talked about my own sassy girlfriend. her name is Pei En and i addressed her as Erny in short. no, she is not the 'dearie' i had mentioned previously in my blog entries but rather the other girlfriend that i had. yes, i hve 2 girlfriends. sic. (laughing hysterically!) alrite my friends, i'm not trying to break the law here by practising bigamy in the near future nor am i the crook casanova fooling around with the hearts of 2 ladies. just read on and find out.

Erny is the younger sister of my dearie and i had know her for as long as i have known my dearie. we shared a lot of common traits thus we kinda clicked pretty well with each other. we love vocalizing our favourite songs at KTVs, we love to read (though the stuff i prefer to read are pretty much junkie) and we love to watch movies!! that is the reason why she is usually the one to accompany me to watch the movies that i like.

Erny, like any other adolescence teenager out there, idolises pin-up actors and singers. when she was younger, she loved her Jolin Tsai. she would sing her songs and buy her CDs and DVDs. things are almost the same now. the only difference is that now she may swoon over if she sees her Wang Lee Hom and Lin Feng in person. she may go absolutely bonkers if any of these 2 guys marry her i presume. she also loves her Harry Porters and she has the whole DVD collection to date. not to mention her favourite Twilight series and of course she read the books as well which kinda explains her intellectual capacity and why she can do well in her recent 'A' levels. when she takes her public transport, she also likes to blast her Taylor Swifts in her 'little green apple' with ample savage too. when she is free, you will see her surfing her youtube, facebook and msn-ing her friends.

My endearing Erny has a lot of natural endowments as well other than excelling in academic results as she has an innate musical talent waiting to be flourish and trived too! she can play a hosts of musical instruments namely the violin, organ and 'Gu Zhen' and she has a predilection for playing Beethoven at home often but i must admit sometimes it can get a bit irritating especially when she goes a bit 'off-tune' literally. but when it comes to her 'Gu Zhen' (which happens to be her forte), anyone will be in awe at the kind of music she can call forth in an instance!

so why do i call Erny my sassy girlfriend? well, it is because i always got 'bullied' by her. haha! she is the only woman (other than my other dearie) whom i can never say no to. its not like she always make incongruous and obnoxious requests but rather it's me who always can't seem to find myself denying her postulations. YES, i have a soft spot for Erny since she was young . guess this is gonna stick with me for life. in retrospect, i can't help but still treat her as the small little girl i got to know for the very first time 8 years ago and it makes me feel so old at times. but of course, for as long as i live, this 'pseudo' girlfriend of mine will always have a place in my heart coz i will always give in to her and love her to bits.

My Erny playing a rendition of the Jay Chou Song