Monday, May 10, 2010

3 Of My Favourite And Hated Movies Of All Time

There are really not much things you can do in Singapore over a weekend, especially when you have a sun-shy lady as a girlfriend. i couldnt enjoy too much fun in the sun thus activities like cycling, canoeing or swimming are kinda proscribed. well, i don't like puntin my hard earned money on poker cards too thus the allure of the 2 mega licensed gambling dens don't invoke the slightest interest from me. i'm not some millionaire with tonnes of cash to dispose either so the only place you might see me taking a gamble with my luck will be at a neighborhood 4D outlet. shopping is my dearie's faourite auxilary activity but definitely not my avocation. spending money on apparels acts as a perfect anti-stress remedy for my dear after a nerve biting week in the office. for a young lad like me, i resort to doing activities over the weekends that doesn't cost a lot of money and my dearie doesn't have to worry about getting tanned after a load of 'indecent' exposure in the sun. one of my favourite hobbies will be watching movies!

i have watched my fair share of screenplays in the theatres and i thoroughly enjoyed some of them but there were a few i would have poured scorn on too. there were movies i enjoyed via DVDs as well. today i would like to compile a list of my top 3 favourite movies of all time and my top 3 most hated shows too. ok, let the shows begin.

breathtaking scenes of man who were well-endowed, brawny and have faces that conform to ideals of form and proportions battling atrociously ugly villians. who can forget how the blood were splattered, bones shattered and extremities mangled when our heros fought against the massive Persian army. one of the reasons why i love this show is also because i'm a big fan of the God Of War game series on the playstation too. when it comes to physical mutilation played on the big screen, i personally feel 300 is the next best thing after Saving Private Ryan.

I managed to catch this show on DVD only when it was recommended to me by a friend of mine. he told me that this is yet Will Smith's greatest and best work ever. i couldn't agree more. this movie tells the true life story of how a father work his way to providng a good life for his only son. it didnt fail to stir the deepest emotions within me. i was absolutely touched by the father and son's performance. it goes to show how many bounderies human can break with love.
okok! So what if i like Titanic?! this show is melancholic and sombre, the perfect concoction for some tear-duct breaking effects from ladies. so why the hell is a guy sworning over such a 'girly' show? ok, when this show was featured, i was only in secondary 2. during that time, Titanic was a MAJOR breakthrough! it encompassed a pair of lovely looking protagonists and a piquant ploy. everyone in my school back then were crazy over this show. all the girls wanted 'Jacks' for boyfriends and all the boys wanted to look like Leonardo.

hmmm... so much for my favourite shows. lets take a look at the suckiest movies i had ever watched.

i can't really remember wat the plot is all about in this movie. the only thing i remembered was the scene of a guy raping a woman and shooting her dead when she was trying to swim over a lake to escape. the rape scene was sick to the stomach and i took off after watching the show for half an hour. yes, i'm a sissy. i enjoy war movies featuring man tearing each other apart but couldn't abide to the image of a man tearing the bra and panties of a woman. btw, this is the only movie in my life which i didnt finish watching.

don't let the 3D thingy in this movie fool you. if you are thinking Avatar's 3D here, you will be in for a shock! this movie had no plot and the 3D glasses makes you woozy and vertiginous! even my dearie's kid sister detests this movie intensively!

i am a BIG fan of the resident evil gaming series on the playstation. beautiful casts, shuddery looking, fleah eating zombies and exciting Boss fights towards the end of the show. (especially the Nemesis in the game. ultra cool and he still gives me the chills whenever i think of him). the movie? nothing like what the game had offered. enough said.

So here goes the list of my top 3 favourite and hated list. generally, most of the shows i had watched were pretty alright, save for a couple of them which almost made me puked. Looking forward to another year of wonderful movies to watch. As long as my darling insist on avoiding the sun, you will find me in the comfort of the air-conditioned hall, munching away my popcorns and nachos.


YOU-KNOW-WHO! said...

EH HELLO??? What "dearie's KID sister" huh?? I may be that KID few years ago but now, I am a TEENAGER with a kiddish voice (Sadly, I can't tune my pitch like gz or violin D: ) alright!

The Heretic Malcontent said...

okok... you are the imperfect teenager less the voice.

as an apology, i will be doing a writeup on you soon