Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Bintan Trip on 15th May 2010

its been a crappy and busy week at work.... been intending to do some updates to my blog but i will feel groggy whenever i finished bathing. can't even conjure up the vigor to watch my favourite tv shows.....

but since it is the weekend... i couldnt find the excuse to say all this bull anymore.

Last sat i embarked on an amusive experience... i went to Bintan. well, i know there will be fellow peers cracking out their guts crazily right now. YES! it was my first time to Bintan. whats the big deal? my first experience to Bintan and Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. sounds like a jape but its true! to be really frank, i couldnt help but laugh at my own jest rite now too..

well from here on, i have decided to let the pictures i took at Bintan do all my talking. these are some of them here. not all coz i look darn ugly in most of them and i dun wan everybody to see me in my most grotesque mode. enuf said, here goes!

me and my dearie onboard ferry to Bintan

Reached Bintan ferry terminal! view from our coach before rolling out to our resort.

Bintan Lagoon Resort's main lobby

dearie sitting comfortably waiting for our buggy to bring us to our villa

Balcony of our villa

private swimming pool

dining area

living room

mini room beside dining area

another dining area......



resting area on the second floor

view of the beach from the second floor of the villa

repulsively expensive meals at a Japanese restaurant. a standard teppanyaki set can range from S$65-S$180.

our villa. Angsoka 21

swimming pool behind the resort lobby

reception counter

making our way back to bintan ferry terminal after 1 nite

for around S$10-S$20 more, you get to sit in the executive lounge at the ferry terminal. not a bad deal. air conditioning not working in the room though. (DAMN!)

ok, a very short yet relaxing trip for me and my dearie. had a few mug shots during that nite we stayed in as well. just realised i couldnt really hold my alcohol too well now after i tried to practised abstinence for a short period of time. all in all, a trip worth embarking on again. looking forward to my next trip in the near future once more!

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