Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Think I Have A New BFF

A few days ago during lunch time, i was having a conversation with Elfie when she mentioned that she is going out with her BFF for some shopping after work.

'huh? wat is a BFF? boyfriend feeling?' i said.

Elfie replied, with a tinge of amazement in her tone, ' No lah, BFF stands for Best Friends Forever, don't you know that?'
Alamak, i remembered i heard this BFF thingy a couple of times before but i havent really got someone to do an explication of the initials in this word... until the day Elfie explained to me. wow, i had learnt another new word to add to my petty collection of 'short terms for SMSes' which consists 'LOL' and 'OMG'.

As i munched away on the remaining 'mui fan' i ordered that day, my mind went into a cerebration as well. how many BFFs do i truly have? Hmmm... i can only recall 2. but before i finished my lunch, i remembered a third and her name is Ann Ang.

i promised Ann previously that i would indite a blog entry for her but procrastination took a hard hit on me. it left me with a mild concussion but luckily my skull is as thick as my a**. i managed to convalesce from the shock today and i can finally get my act together.

like what i wrote in the previous entry for my pet kong, Ann wasn't the first person to accept me ino their social circle. she hits me as cold, nonchalant and she spoke wih blithe concern, truly indifferent to my existance in the office as the new kid in town. ok, maybe i have overdraw and overstate but that's how she made me feel.

as we had more and more conversations during and after work, we found that we do have a few things that we do share in common. our lunch breaks transist to our ktv sessions with the rest of the gang together and we had dinners to share insights and views together, just like the last 2 consecutive dinners we had at Subway. Ann had been an interesting friend as i know her more along the way.

i'm sure she will remember the night we wandered along the streets of Orchard road looking for a bistro or cafe to house us for a chit chat. the reminiscence of her waiting with me for my bus in the wee hours to pick me up first before she goes home also moved me. i bet HMM and Pet Kong wouldnt do this. she will also call me the moment she touched down in Singapore, even before HMM (tats what HMM told me. haha!).

Ann had also been funishing support of my ideas. she wouldn't question the places i would suggest for dinner and she would free up time for them as well. not to mention the ideas for my birthday celebration. there seems to be quite a lot of things we do agree in tandem on. not like my pet kong who always like to be on loggerheads with me and ever since she has a bf, she seems like she had vanished into thin air. haiz... i think i have to check with the zookeeper on that.

i don't have a lot of friends of the opposite sex, most of them being colleagues but Ann was an anomaly. she manages to give me advices of utilitarian to reflect and regroup on issues that needs to be looked into. that is the reason why i must say that i am a lot more comfortable to share most of my feelings and problems with her. it is a pity that she is not my colleague anymore as she had moved on to a bigger role, with more responsibilites and definitely better prospects. but i must say that i am glad that i had found a new soulmate. a friend whom i know i can turn to for help in future and who will always be there to provide me a listening ear.

i am vey sure she agrees with all the things i had said here coz she is my BFF.

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