Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Am A Yellow Skin Chinese

2 things kinda struck me pretty heavily yesterday and today. i was watching 'The Pacific' via online video streaming yesterday and certain orations in the show hit me first. FYI, 'The Pacific' is a mini series about US marines doing a replica of the world war 2 situation along some derelict and god-forsaken islands near northern Australia, fighting off tonnes of Japanese adversaries who only knew how to throw their body towards the Americans' line of fire. i find it funny as the Americans in the show like to call the Japanese 'yellow skin rats'.

the second 'blow' came during noon today when i managed to catch Ip Man 2 at AMK hub with my dearie. i believed i do not need to put forth the plot of the show to you coz you guys should check out the show yourselves. i must say i don't spend my money on mandarin productions on the big screen except for the Ip Man series. the movie was simply awesome and it filled me with subliminal emotions throughout the entire screenplay. In Ip Man 2, the last fight depicts a fight between a British boxer against Mr Ip Man. in the show, the Briton never failed to find time to sprout numerous villifications against the chinese people in the show.

both issues set me thinking if caucasians really despise asians be it whether they are koreans, japanese or chinese? i had my 'brushes' with caucasians in Singapore and other parts of the world as well. i remembered my first 'ugly' incidence involved a bald white man with his chinese girlfriend. his chinese girlfriend impeached my friend of staring at her. my buddy sweared that he never did nor will he ever do it because the gal looked just like an apparition of a nightmare he had when he was a kid. the highlight of the confrontation happened when the white man threatened to sue my friend by flashing his gold plated credit card it front of him. (to tell my friend that he is rich and he can afford a lawyer to sue him)

i recalled my trip to Australia as well when i was around 17 years old. i was waiting to cross the road somewhere in Melbourne with a friend of mine. we were speaking in english when this white man walked up to me and asked, ' where are you from?' i replied that we hailed from the sunny island of Singapore and he smugged, ' i didnt know you guys could speak english' his reply left 2 adolescence teenager befuddled but we find his statement mirthful as well. it took me 2 seconds of response time to say this to him, ' yes sir, i can speak and write in english and i'm pretty darn sure that i can accomplish both better than you do.'

it is saddening to know that there are actually caucasians out there who still feels that asians are ignorant, nescient and conspicuously and tastelessly indecent. so much to the fact that these group of people doesn't offer respect to their asian counter-parts during work or not. of course, i am not going to pigeonhole all caucasians as the majority of them i encountered and befriended weren't do this to me so to speak. at the very least, i must say that there are a lot of things we can learn and benefit from each other. it should not be the skin colour or tone that set the differences between us, rather it should be how we dignified each other as equal human beings. i don't endorse racism and i hope everyone out there do not acquire that school of thought too.

alright, so much for my cognition and noesis, time for episode 7 of 'The Pacific' before i sleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

and yes... for the nth time, singapore is not a part of China! haha ;)

The Heretic Malcontent said...

yap, and we are not part of indonesia and malaysia either

Anonymous said...

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