Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yes, i'm a lone wolf

Today is not the best of days to say the least. i had an aching neck, coupled with a sore right eye due to the dryness i experienced with my contact lenses. damn! maybe its time for lasik. i went to work earlier by 30 minutes and i struggled to keep my eyes opened, still suffering from the after effects of the pink pill i popped for a flu that haunted me for 2 nights. (an award for employee of the month for me pls??)

well, things couldnt get any rougher than the earthquake that hit China this morning. maybe close. my right eyelid was twitching a little and i sensed an admonition. there can only be 2 scenarios. Scenario A - its gonna be a bad day for me ahead. Scenario B - i may picked up some money along the way??

the next thing i knew was i received an email from a fellow colleague. lets name her Bee. Bee hasn't really been the most cooperative and accomodating colleague i had ever worked with. in fact, she suck. notice that the word 'suck' doesnt come in past tense? coz she still sucks now. sic. she doesnt read my correspondence for help completely and gave me incomplete replies. such incomplete replies doesnt garner a positive response from my agent ( aka client ). so what do i do? i told my agent to speak to Bee directly. sometimes people like Bee needs a push ( or a BIG BOOT ) to their freaking butt to get them moving or else they would be so lay back in their comfortable seats, reluctant to move their arse to work.

but what i got in return was an excoriation that questions my work ethnics, integrity and the hard work i put in. i don't blame my maltreater, rather i see Bee as the perpetrator who drove this campaign. see, if anybody needs to take a visit to Tartarus with Hades as the tour guide, i would propose Bee without a shadow of a doubt.

the blame game took me a little by surprise but i didnt offer much of a retaliation because of 2 reasons. one, i was rushing for time to pick my gf from work. two, i somehow felt it wouldnt work because people at the top of the hierarchy wouldnt look down at you and say ' good job ' when its due. rather they prefer to defecate on your head.

i am glad a few friends of mine supported me when i was down, especially my buddy Elfie (yes, she is a lady) , Vera and William. i really appreciate your concern. but just to let you guys know, much as i respect all of you, i would prefer to face and fight this battle myself. thank you very much!

this is Elfie. sorry Vera and WIll, i will post your pics once i have them.

btw, just in case you forgot, i had Scenario A today.....

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