Sunday, April 11, 2010

A message to a very good friend and colleague of mine

Recently i lent my ears to a friend of mine gushing out her woes to me about the difficulties she is currently experiencing with this guy whom she just got together for less than a month i believe. the conversation started when i was on a half hour journey back home and it lasted for a good 90 minutes. i kind of lost track of time as i was too deep into pondering about how a solution can be excogitated to help her. her sniffings over the other side of the phone hinted that she had done a good deal of weeping as well. it made me feel kind of lost as i'm not the best person who can do the best job in consolation. all i can offer is silence and a tinge of advice from a man's (or boy's) perspective.

i had been following my buddy's tale for the longest time. from the day she knew this man to the day they got together. i must say her experience wasn't rosy to began with. this guy doesn't behave like wat a man of pure refinement should behave. he doesnt send her home after a movie (even though its reaching 12 midnight) and he cracked the most incomprehensible and insensitive joke. Cmon! she is not asking a 21st century SNAG here. her boyfriend went for a vacation without her and she was left wondering in Singapore when he is gonna be coming back. he metamorphose into GOD mode when he was reveling in a foreign land but hibernation mode when back. and to top it all off, he hasn't been in touch with her for the past few days. MIA? beats me....

with a touch of coincidence, i happened to be babbling away with another buddy of mine not too many days ago and she related to me how this ex-boyfriend of hers had avoided her and her calls. her refuge to his 'mysterious' disappearance? she gathered a few good buddies for a night reconnaissance and eventually found him at the void deck of his flat. confrontation turned into a night of absolute heartbreak and 2 months of heal time. reason for the dissolution? the guy didnt want to commit a future with her.

but taking a look at my friend today, i strongly believe she made a right choice. now, she is with a man who knows how to take care and love her. she basks in joy at her newfound happiness and she is truly enjoying herself!

hence, to this friend of mine who is undergoing loads of pitfalls in this relationship. you can definitely obviate this guy away from your life as there are plenty of other options available. do not waste yourself away coz it is really silly for you to do so. whatever it is, your buddy here will always stand by you!!

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