Monday, April 5, 2010

The courtship of a skinny ah beng and a beautiful lady

i have a story about a boy and a girl to tell tonight and it aint any modern day fairytale. it doesnt encompass any clock tower chiming at the exact 12 nor does it elaborates how a princess osculates a cool skin frog to give her the happy ever after. instead it delineate the delicate love shared by 2 individuals who never thought they would ever be together in the first place. the story's origination chronicles from a humble school in Singapore.

it all happens one day, a skinny 'ah beng wannabe', saw this school mate at the foyer. the scene still deeply etched in his mind and it simply blows him away everytime he recalls. standing no further than 10 feet away from him was the most mesmerizing and gorgeous lady he had ever seen. she is a stranger to him and he knew he had to have her number. he wanted to know her but he wondered if the lady felt otherwise. its now or never if he didnt want this chance to slip off his hands. he sought the help of another friend and thank heavens, he was successful.

he had a conversation or 2 with the girl but she wasnt impressed. a step further for the both of them seem inconceivable. the lady felt that this boy lacks the chemistry and the charisma to her liking. the boy realised defeat was on the cards. they lost contact for a few months but fate decided to lend a hand. what a helping gesture indeed. during the days when the boy was giving 2 and a half years of his time to national security, he seek the help of the lady to get him his academic credentials. it ultimately leads to the first 'unorthodox' date they had. not exactly a date i would say. he didnt carry flowers nor brought her to the movies. hell, he had no money to spare on such lavishness. all he had were the petty dimes for quick photo-shoots known as neo-prints and the endless efforts to indite paperworks that promulgates the love he had for her.

he yearned for her. yes he did. he rejoiced when he was given permision by his superior to call her from taiwan when he was serving the country. he didnt have any pictures of her in the wallet. he missed her so much and the feeling was unbearable. every ballad played in his cd player reminded him of what he needed to do first thing when he is back in Singapore. he needed to declare his love,yes. the silence and serendity of the jungles in Taiwan cleared his mind and the scent of the vegetation woke up his senses.

he asked her out for a movie at Suntec City and they watched a show called 'Resident Evil' together. what an imbecile! asking a girl out to watch such horrific production. midway through, he knew its now or never. he needed to summon the courage he had never did before. her hands are just there for him to hold. will she reject him? rejection hurts, he knew. but what about 'regret'? regret is a poison a thousand times more potent than rejection. he swallowed the pill of bravery and touch her hand. the sensation was electrifying. he caressed her pinky and there was a response. she turn her head and gave a heart-warming smile. they held their hand tighter. they knew they will be holding their hands together from then on. that familiar smile was the most beautiful gift she had given him on that fateful day. that fateful day was 6th April 2002.

they had travelled through thick and thin together. there were tears and felicity that they could written into a book. but nonetheless, the boy knew all these hadnt come easy. he must safeguard the love both of them shared for the many many years to come. the memories they shared are gifts they gave to each other. they created somethng special between them out of nothingness. the boy was just glad that he didnt fall prey to Monsieur Regret. today marks the day the boy and girl spent 8 years of their lives together. he wishes to dedicate this piece of work to his one and only love he will ever have. he knew that there will be many more 8 years for them but he is prepared. coz he knew their love can carry them through. definitely!

That boy is Kenny and the girl is Peishan.

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Anonymous said...

A heartwarming story. Your girlfriend is a great woman unlike some of her other colleagues at Shittybank.