Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Farewell To A Very Good Friend Whom I Knew Not Too Long Ago

Ann, Min Min and Jolene

Have you ever had a 'king kong' for a friend before? the kind that doesnt climb the trees, whang the chest or eat only bananas for dinner? literally. (Aside to Ms Kong, kindly read on and don't start tearing out your hair and curse yet)

Alright alright, i am only trying my best to insinuate. i know what a king kong is suppose to look like. maybe 10 feet tall and has a heaving chest plus a palm huge enough for a deglutition of a human's entire skull. but it so happens that i have a friend whom i always call 'king kong' but she is kinda exact polar to what i had just describe. i think she only measures 5 feet plus, doesnt have a huge palm, and CERTAINLY doesnt have a heaving chest to swank!! she also can't do 'skull crashers' on people although her boyfriend's truck can. so beware!

Shannon and Min Min
i knew this friend as a colleague months ago where i'm currently working. her first impression to me wasn't very impressively wonderful. in fact the person who caught my attention first was her fellow colleague and gd friend. her voice and laughter can travel for miles and it is hard to disregard even if you are sitting at the other side of the office ( you know who you are ). but 'king kong' was definitely earlier than the other colleague of hers ( you know who you are too) when she acknowledged my pressence as the 'new guy in town'. we will be touching on a new post for the other 2 individuals i just talked about later on.

my acquaintanceship with my pet kong was enhanced to another level on our first KTV night out with other friends as well. Apart from crooning out songs, we didnt fail to share interesting conversations and non life-threatening bickers. she conked out easily after only 2 hours into the session as well unlike the rest of us with plenty left in the tank. mind you, no alcohol was even involved in the first place!

subsequent ktv sessions then became kind of a norm and who can forget when kong walked me down the asphalt seeking a transport back home in the wee hours just 2 weeks ago. she paid for my bus trip as my pennies and ez link card were depleted also. well, this kong is richer than me for sure. thank you kong, if you didnt leave me behind for another friend of ours in a half hour binge session, i would have been spending so much more on a straight cab back home. i am absolutely grateful.

So dear friends out there, it is always nice to have a kong for a friend coz i have one. the altruism my kong has is amazing. despite the fact that 'conflicts' might arise sometimes, please remember that i treat these bickers as bond strengtheners between us as well. these pettyfoggeries only serve to feed my insatiable desire to poke fun into you. i promise that i will definitely send a request to Mr Zookeeper for your early release so that i can have you as my pet. So keep your fingers crossed!
Ann and Jolene
Finally, on a personal and non 'offensive' note to Ms Jolene, its been a great experience and ride with you for the past few months. please remember you are very unique to me as you are the only kong i can really relate my feelings and thoughts to with no holds barred. As such, i would like to wish you all the best as you embarked on a whole new chapter of your life. May your future career and relationships of the heart blossom and burgeon! enjoy 'chopping more passports' huh!!
Who knew a King Kong can be so pretty and attractive until i met Jolene Wong......

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