Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Dearie 2010!!

Yes, i had not been the most consistent blogger today. Hell, i even almost forgot what was the address of my blog! keke!

Alrite, i had been carrying things a little too far here. i do still remember my blog's address. it is scripted at the back of my head! But i had been too lazy to update because of a few reasons. One, i am undergoing my remedial training at the moment. No, there are no tutors coming to my crib, piling me with assignments to work on while his or her poor soul wanders back home. As you can see, loading that few kgs had made me a slower and heftier person, thus it is no surprise that i had been requested to 'participate' in a 1-2 months 'Fitness Course' wholy subsidized by the gov.

Two, i am addicted to the tv and my favourite PP player for the best online streaming movies! after a hard day at work, nothing beats the luxury of sipping a cup of hot tea and enjoying a movie for the night! as the saying goes, ' a movie a day, keeps the doctor away'. Ok, that is how i see it anyway...

Ok, lets cut the crap now. today's focus is on my dear dear! Yes! it was her birthday on the 5th of Sept and we made plans to visit Resorts World Sentosa. Over here, i would like to wish my darling the best in whatever she does and may lady luck smile on her always! lets take some time out rite now to appreciate the pictures we took on her birthday!

Erny had been a kind soul to accompany us on that day. This picture is our tribute to her.

Somethin's burning? Nah, just a sprinkle of water to cool the hot air around us.

Yes, we hereby announce our arrival at Universal Studios

Enjoying the chill before the blaze ahead!

Yes, i am a Man Utd fan!

A picture perfect shot ruined by Mr Dunno-how-to-go-away schmo.

Yes, i know i look fat beside her. Next please!

Enry's mission that day was to be our photographer. Seems like it is the other way round.

We just wan the 'Casino' shot behind us. keke!

I suggested this snap. Wasn't it beautiful?!

This picture is for the Merlion at the back. haha!

And who says the Merlion is always spewing puke out of it's mouth?

En is too rundown to give another smile for the camera.

Last shot before we head for a timeout.

Our meal at Chili's. We ordered root beer...

See how she flows...

..Country Fried Chicken...

And a sandwich which i lost it's name....

The sisters wanted this picture to be taken. I couldn't say no.

They loved their corns!

Our last stop of the day was at Takashimaya. Dearie had a Organic Rasberry Tea while i had the all-time fav Earl Grey with Lavender. Sweet!

As for her, she had plain water.
Ok, before i turn in for the night, i would like to thank Erny for her outstanding campanionship today. In the meanwhile, i hope dearie had a wonderful birthday celebration and i'm sure there will be many more to come in the years ahead!!!

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