Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthday Celebration at BBOX Toa Payoh Safra on the 18th June

I know this entry should have come earlier but i had been perfecting the art of cunctation. it had been a wondrful birthday week for me. Batam trip with my dearie, dinner and drinks with my ex-colleagues etc etc.

but the above event definitely wouldn't pale in comparison to the above mentioned. what can i say? a wonderful bunch of colleagues, coupled with a few drinks, a taste tantalising mango fudge cake and enough joy and laughter to send any crowd wild. I had a wonderful time at BBOX on the 18th June. Organised and engineered by my very own WMZJ (wo men zhi jian)! a great event worth remembering! hell, it is memory etching to say the least. but of course, things could be a little better. a touch of whisky to our drinks, better sound system, more free snacks and colder air-conditioning. i totally enjoyed myself that day and i have these people to thank for!

William - bro, thanks for making your way down despite being ill! your presence means a lot to me coz you are of paramount importance to me and the team. thanks! btw, ifyour back still hurts, i can recommend a very good sinseh to you!

Elfie - what can i say?! your choreography of this event speaks volume of your competency! xie xie ni WMZJ!

Ian & Melvyn - i believe you guys should stay off the iphones a bit. the public is already declaring all iphone users unsociable. haha! thank you! lets have more BEER the next time!

Stella - you should sing more la gal. you have a nice voice!

Charles - bro, never give face! leave so early! i know you have many other parties to go to but buay steady lei you!

Vera - rara, when are we having a song together??!! we can do Lady Gaga's Bad Romance! 'ra ra, ra ah ah ah!'

Serene - lets have the song 男人女人 again! i will be the 女人, you be the 男人. haha!

Jeslyn - you very jialat! everytime say want to sing 'Nobody' but in the end, you will end up mute. next time you better stand up, sing and shake your booty!

Kevin - it would be great if you can stay all the way. the little gal you brought (sorry forgot her name) was super mischievious! haha! but fun-loving nonetheless.

before i end these entry, let's have a look at some of the photos we took that day with my godforbidden icky digital camera.

kevin having a hard time controlling his 'daughter'
Melvyn had perfected the art of singing with his eyes closed

Duet from arguably the most popular couple in Chartis Agency department

William just had about enuf with his singing partner

My 2 beautiful team mates

Beautful and pretty things come in 2 pairs.

i must have my snap shot with my WMZJ

My birthday cake! woohoo!

Peace to the world! Victory to living life to the fullest!

i bleeched my teeth with my whitening paint everyday. thing to showcase them!

picture taken when i went to ask someone to help me take our photo. OEI! buay steady!

candid shot which they are unaware of.

From Left : William, Elfie, Serene, Me, Stella, Vera, Ian, Jeslyn, Melvyn

how i can miss the opportunity to sing with my WMZJ!

i don't know what she is doing here. enlighten me someone.

singing our favourite 一眼瞬间

Smile for the camera!

Omg, i think i really need a tan!

there is a reason why Melvyn is leaning towards me.

how i can miss out on a pic with Rara

Stella, why you never bring your 连杰 that night! angry lei!

for once, i'm not seeing Serene here with her big headphones and backpack

if i miss Jeslyn out, i may not see any daylight the following day.

they looked stiff.. lolz!

Fie Fie and me!


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